We will deliver you quality finished goods on time. Our processes range from hard coat, bright dip or two-step architectural anodizing. You can expect that same commitment from our powder coating and chromate conversion operations.

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It all starts with the right materials and surface preparation.

Our anodizing & finishing process starts with a simple philosophy; create quality and utilize clean materials. As we finish a part, we are building a foundation to last. We take extra care as we move from machining or fabrication to finishing. It is very important to consider every aspect of the surface preparation being sent for anodizing. Proper handling of the parts on the machine shop floor allows us to provide consistent results in the anodizing process for our valued partners.

We practice the perfect mix of chemistry, coloring, and care.

Our multi-step process of anodizing & finishing includes cleaning, treatment, anodizing, coloring, sealing, and numerous quality rinses in between each phase. We focus on controlling the pH, temperature, concentration, frequency, and duration. Our technicians maintain multiple controls in the tank to ensure a consistent, quality coating. As industrial craftsmen, these processes and quality phases are the art and science we take pride in to deliver high-quality parts to our partners.