Rapid Prototype Lab

Our rapid prototype lab is an open-capacity concept that has CNC machines & metal fabrication
equipment available for those quick-turn emergency jobs. We fabricate complex parts and deliver them to you
in as little as one day.

Engineering Your Ideas

The rapid prototype lab is the fastest path from concept to commercialization. Your ideas and designs can be machined, finished, and delivered in record time.

Custom Parts Fast

PROTOTEK pioneered rapid prototype manufacturing over thirty years ago. Our 5-axis machines and host of sheet metal fabrication equipment help get custom metal and plastic parts in your hands in a hurry.

Rapid Prototyping Advantages

Rapid prototype manufacturing helps mechanical and design engineers accelerate their time-to-market by delivering real parts that can be tested for form, fit, and function.

Quick Turn, Low Volume
Save money and time with minimum upfront investment as we offer low quantity orders, even single parts.
Minimize Design Flaws

We evaluate your parts and assemblies following DFM, Design for Manufacture, and ensure the parts meet design needs.

Avoid Scraps, Reduce Revisions, and ECOs
Rapid prototyping helps you reduce Engineering Change Orders and ultimately avoids costly mistakes.
Start-ups and Fortune 500s benefit from rapid prototyping by helping them get to market faster.

Rapid Prototyping On-Demand

PROTOTEK’s solutions solve some of the most complex and challenging industry problems.

Our main goal is providing the fastest delivery times in the industry.

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