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Every job is unique, and many require special considerations for materials, finishing, custom work, or urgent delivery – your commercial quote will be turned around by seasoned estimators who confirm all aspects of your job.

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Licenses, certifications
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Expertise and quality are paramount. With more than three decades of experience in commercial metal fabrication, we’ve achieved a rich set of certifications and provide high-touch attention and service to every quote – and every job.

We engage with our customers to help them design better and more cost-effective parts. We want to be your one-stop shop for commercial sheet metal fabrication. Most of our business is from returning customers, and to achieve that, we strive to hit our customer’s deadlines across all project types.

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Metal Fabrication Services Near Me & Online – Working with PROTOTEK

Deep capabilities in commercial sheet metal and machining – design, metal fabrication, manufacturing, finishing, and even challenging assemblies.

What do we do?

  • Sheet Metal Parts & Assemblies in 1-3 Days
  • CNC Milled and Turned Parts in 1-3 Days
  • Additive Manufactured Parts in 1 – 3 Days
  • Expedited Jobs

About our fast, flexible, personalized service:

  • ISO-9001:2015 Certified, ITAR Registered
  • Quotes within 24 Hours
  • Contact us about our expedited services

Our commercial metal fabrication capabilities start below, but they don’t stop there. Want to talk to someone about a job, upload a file for a quote or call us now.


We accept these file types STP, PRT, IGS, DXF, STL, and more!




Why Prototek?


Prototek's In-house Capabilities

Sheet Metal

  • Manufacturing Design Assistance
  • Laser Cutting - Punching
  • Material Graining
  • Drilling - Countersinking - Tapping
  • Forming - Bending
  • Hardware Insertion
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • TIG, MIG, Spot Welding & Weld Grinding
  • Welded Assemblies & Frames


  • Up to 5-Axis Milling
  • Horizontal & Vertical Milling
  • 9-Axis Mill-Turn
  • Turning
  • CNC Routing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Lapping & Polishing
  • Welding / Post-Weld Machining
  • Heli-Coils / Hardware Inserts

Cutting & Engraving

  • Wire & Sinker EDM Cutting
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • CO2 Laser
  • Fiberoptic

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Engineering Assistance
  • CMM Inspection Services
  • First Article and AQL Inspections
  • Compliance and Document Control

Plastic & Composite Fabrication

  • Plastic Thermoforming - Bending
  • Annealing
  • Cryogenic Deflashing & Deburring
  • Plastic Welding
  • Thermal, Adhesive, & Mechanical Bonding
  • Vapor Polishing
  • Radiological Film-Cutting Services


  • Manufacturing Design Assistance
  • Tooling and Fixture Fabrication
  • Electro-Mechanical Services
  • Welded, Mechanical, & Small Parts Assembly
  • Wire Harnessing
  • Laser Cutting – Polymers & Metals
  • Insert Installation


  • Powder Coating
  • Painting
  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating
  • Silk Screening
  • Laser Engraving
  • Chem Film
  • Anodizing
  • Black Oxide
  • Bead Blasting
  • Tumbling

Additive Manufacturing

  • Laser Sintering
  • Multi Jet Fusion
  • Stereolithography
  • Digital Light Processing
  • Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Material Jetting
  • Cast Urethane

Quick Start Guide to Online Metal Fabrication

Customers today want companies to deliver exactly what they want, quickly, and without limitation on capabilities. With next level online communication and processes, it is now possible to get precision online metal fabrication across manufacturing facilities delivered anywhere in days. Read on to learn more about online metal fabrication, how it can be used, its benefits, and how you can get advanced services from anywhere, eliminating the need for the question: “Where can I find metal fabrication near me?”

What is Online Metal Fabrication?

Online metal fabrication is the process of ordering a custom metal fabrication completely online from start to finish, including submitting details, receiving a quote, and communicating with customer service through the duration of the project. Online metal fabrication makes obtaining custom metal prototypes and fabrications faster and easier than ever before. Customers can find an online manufacturer to provide metal fabrications for projects of any size, from a single item to a bulk order.

Online metal fabrication makes it possible to handle many elements of the order process that typically required in-person meetings, making it less of a concern to find a metal fabricator that is physically “near me”. Such metal fabrication processes that can be tackled online include…

  • Project Details

    Online metal fabrication providers make it easy to upload project details, even without extensive knowledge or experience in manufacturing. Customers can upload CAD files via online forms to begin the order process. Customers can then select preferred materials, finishes, quantities, dimensions, and provide any additional notes.

  • Quote Requests

    By collecting all of the project details up front, online metal fabrication providers are able to quickly and efficiently deliver a quote via email or phone. Since all of the project information is already filed, the manufacturer should be able to give a very accurate quote.

  • Customer Service

    Providing customer service online improves efficiency by reducing the time employees spend helping customers. Manufacturers can provide easily accessible answers to FAQs on their website, thus reducing the influx of customer service requests.

Online metal fabrication is highly efficient and streamlined, enabling manufacturers to offer competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

Metal Fabrication Services that are Supported Online

You don’t need to worry about finding a metal fabricator that is physically near you. Online metal fabrication is incredibly versatile, with a large number of services available to be completed without ever stepping foot in a shop. This allows you to leverage services from a shop that may not be physically close by, but that can still offer the same services and solutions as a vendor “near me”. Here are the standard metal fabrication services offered:

  • Manufacturing Design Assistance

    Many manufacturers don’t even require a CAD file to get a project started. They may offer their own free platform to create a design or offer virtual design assistance services.

  • Laser Cutting – Punching

    By applying force without adding or removing material, forming turns flat sheet metal into 3-D parts. The right tooling and machinery produce a repeatable form that can be used to make goods for a variety of industries.

  • Material Graining

    By applying force without adding or removing material, forming turns flat sheet metal into 3-D sections.

  • Drilling – Countersinking – Tapping

    Drilling produces higher-quality holes that can be used in materials of greater thickness. After that, thread-tapping and countersinking are often done. Thread tapping produces threads inside the drilled hole so that a bolted link can be made later. Countersinking a drilled hole eliminates the sharp edge, provides a bevel, and a recess (deep bevel) for a blind bolt head.

  • Forming – Bending

    Metal bending and shaping are cold working operations that require workpiece plastic deformation. The metal must be extended past its elastic limit without cracking or fracturing. Just a few metals and alloys have enough ductility for this use.

  • Hardware Insertion

    Hardware insertion gives sheet metal parts more depth for load bearing threads. Hardware insertion makes use of existing holes created by high-precision machines like a laser cutter or a waterjet cutter, which improves the accuracy of the fastener’s placement.

  • Mechanical Assembly

    Describes the process or final product of putting together components on an assembly line.

  • TIG, MIG, Spot Welding & Weld Grinding
    Welding is used in creating more than half of all of the products manufactured in the United States. MIG welding is the fastest option, but the results are not as smooth as TIG welding.

    Spot welding process is used primarily for welding two or more metal sheets together by applying pressure and heat from an electric current to the weld area.

    Weld grinding is an important step in many metal fabrication processes, and it involves extracting excess weld metal in a clean and efficient manner.

  • Welded Assemblies & Frames

    Online metal fabricators can deliver complete welded assemblies and frames for large projects.

  • Finishing

    The final step in preparing metal items for use is finishing. Finishing improves corrosion resistance, provides a layer of durability and improves the appearance of surfaces.

  • Powder Coating

    Powder coating is a metal finishing technique that involves the application of colored powder that is dry and free-flowing.

  • Plating

    • Anodizing

      Anodizing is a metal finishing process that gives aluminum a smoother, extremely hard and wear-resistant surface.

    • Chromating

      The conversion coating process of depositing an oxide layer over a metal surface to allow the metal to react with the oxide layer.

    • Zinc Plating

      Screws and other small fasteners, light switch plates and other small parts that may be exposed to internal or slightly corrosive conditions are commonly zinc plated.

“Metal Fabrication Near Me?” – Yes, Thanks to the Internet

Online metal fabrication makes high quality metal fabrication fast, transparent, and accessible. Rather than traveling to a physical location, customers can order parts or whole projects right from their desk. Manufacturers benefit from the ability to offer broader manufacturing capabilities to a broader audience at competitive costs.

Metal Fabrication Testimonials

If you’re asking yourself “how can I find reliable metal fabrication services near me?”, you’ve come to the right place. Read through the various Prototek testimonials and see just how we service businesses in various parts of the country.

“Prototek responded to our challenging set of requirements and timelines… You guys came up big for us, and we appreciate it. Please tell everyone that worked on our project that they knocked it out of the park!” – Engineering, Gainesville, VA

“The corner welds and finishing is stunning and there’s no twisting or distortion from the welding process. Seriously I put the chassis on a slab of granite and tested, its dead flat. Quite an impressive display of metalworking.” – Owner, Custom amp manufacturer

“The guitar amp chassis just arrived, they look phenomenal! VERY nicely done Prototek you are my new BFF shop!” – Owner, Custom amp manufacturer

“You guys have always been our go to for complex parts.” – Engineer, Golden, CO

“Prototek has always been a trusted go-to vendor for me.” – Senior Mechanical Engineer, Woburn, MA

“I regularly recommend Prototek for my team.” – Mechanical Engineering Team Lead, Torrance, CA

“We would love to take advantage of your open capacity! You have done quality work for us before.” – Associate Designer, Royal Oak, MI

“Thank you for accommodating our rush job so handily and for hosting me on the inspection of the finished parts. We appreciate your pulling out all the stops to get these parts completed, packaged, and shipped to Palo Alto in time for our installation.” – Studio Director, Brooklyn, NY

“Wanted to thank you again for Prototek’s support during our ventilator push this past couple of weeks. We couldn’t have done what we did without all the hard work from your team… you guys came through for us in a big way.” – Co-Founder/CEO, Sommerville, MA

“The quick turn around and reasonable pricing is a real plus.” – Mechanical Engineer, Victor, NY

“Thank you for your quick turnaround on our parts this week. I got the first set of parts in yesterday and they were perfectly to drawing. Prototek won our business for this job thanks to all of your quick responses, expedite capabilities, and competitive prices.” – R&D Project Manager, Woburn, MA

“Last year, we had quick-turn rework done on some heatsinks at your Sunnyvale, CA facility. Were happy with that. We’ll continue to use you for similar work in the future.” – Senior Design Engineer, San Jose, CA

“We currently use Prototek for all our quick turn prototyping needs… Prototek is usually our first option and we have come to rely on you guys for quick turn parts that are done well.” – Mechanical Engineer, Boston, MA

Contact Prototek for a quote today and take the guess work out of finding reliable metal fabrication services near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a broker or a manufacturer?

We are a full service sheet metal and machining manufacturer with four U.S. production facilities across the nation allowing us to deliver your high-quality parts FAST.

Does PROTOTEK manufacture in higher-volume quantities?

We focus on prototypes to low-volume production and can do larger runs. All our parts, from one – to 100 – to 1,000+ are always delivered with production-quality finish.

What are your payment terms?

PROTOTEK offers Net 30 payment terms for established customers with good credit.

What file formats are required or suggested for requesting a quote?

We accept .STP, .DWG, .IGS, .PDF, Parasolid files, and more.

What if I need help with my part design?

Our estimators are on hand to discuss your specific job needs. Our expert team can help you move your project smoothly through the design process and on to delivery.

If I do not have a CAD model, can you quote/fabricate my parts?

Yes, we can work directly from your drawings. Additional engineering charge (NRC) may apply depending on complexity.

How do I submit my NDA and other document requests?

Submit your NDA, Approved Vendor and other document requests to your sales rep or estimator.

How long is a quote valid?

Our quotes stand firm for 7 days from the date of issue.

How fast can I get my order?

Lead time for standard orders is 10 business days. Expediting options are available, including emergency service – down to as fast as 1-2 business days, depending on complexity of work and materials.