Industrial Craftsmen: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Precision CNC Machining, and 3D Printing

PROTOTEK’s rapid prototyping services get you from concept to commercialization in record time. With the industry’s fastest delivery, parts in 1-3 days. We are a unique one-stop shop able to accommodate all your manufacturing on-demand needs.

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Our Services

At PROTOTEK, we solve complex manufacturing problems in record time.

We pride ourselves on serving and delivering for our rapid prototyping partners. Projects from concept to commercialization are our business. We add our expertise to your ideas to develop design, start production, add the finishing touches, assemble, and deliver to your door.

Our Work

Roomba® Prototype

We developed some of the first critical components for one of the most well-known consumer robots. Helping them get to market faster.

US Military Chassis

The United States Military proudly trusts us to develop parts for their most foundational and reliable vehicles.

Segway® Prototype

We manufactured precision components for one of the most innovative transportation units in the world.

Our Licenses and Certifications

At PROTOTEK, expertise and quality are paramount.

Our commitment to on-time delivery of quality products is unparalleled. The sole mission of our expert team is to work with our clients to yield high-caliber parts and components at a cost-effective price.

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